Speedmanage.com is a product from SPEEDHOME. Whether you are renting your properties via Speedhome or an Agent, we are providing an exclusive rental collection service through our platform. With SPEEDMANAGE, you can easily manage your property and rent. Start today and get your peace of mind.

Sign a tenancy agreement

You posted your property on SPEEDHOME and found a tenant for your property. You want to sign a tenancy agreement.

1. Landlord proceed the agreement

2. Login to your SPEEDMANGE dashboard

3. Click > Add Property

4. Click > Sign a tenancy agreement

5. Complete the required fields

6. Click > Submit

7. Confirm your property address

8. Click > Confirm

9. Input your Email address to receive the verification code

10. Click > Send

11. Verify your Email by enter the pin which was sent to the email

12. Click > Send

13. Input your tenant’s mobile number

14. Click > Send

15. Tenant proceed the agreement

16. Tenant Login to Speedmanage.com and navigate to Tenancy Agreement Page

17. Click > Proceed

18. Complete all required fields by input all mandatory details

19. Click > Submit

20. Enter email address to receive verification code

21. Click > Send

22. Enter Pin Verification and tick both agreement to continue

23. Click > Send

24. Click on Next to confirm

25. Sign the tenancy agreement on HELLOSIGN page

26. Tenant will direct to FPX Page where tenant can pay Speedsign Digital Tenancy Agreement Fee and first rent

27. Landlord complete the agreement

28. Landlord login to Speedmanage and navigate to Tenancy Agreement Page

29. Click > Proceed

30. Tick the agreement and Click > Next

31. Supplementary Agreement and Click > Next

32. Landlord can choose between three plans

33. Accept the On Time Rental Agreement

34. Click > Next

35. Sign Tenancy Agreement on HELLOSIGN page

36. Agreement completed!!

I want to collect rent

You did not rent your property through SPEEDHOME to a tenant. You want to collect rent via SPEEDMANAGE without any charges.

1. Landlord proceed the agreement

2. Login to your SPEEDMANGE dashboard

3. Click > Add Property

4. Click > I want to collect rent

5. Complete step 1 by input property details

6. Click > Next

7. Complete step 2 by input tenure duration

8. Click > Next

9. Complete step 3 by input bank details

10. Click > Next

11. Complete step 4 by input tenant’s information

12. Click > Next

13. Tenant will receive an Email to confirm the rental collection via SPEEDMANAGE

14. After tenant has confirmed landlord starts collecting rent via SPEEDMANAGE